Fiction Proofreader

Proofreading your fiction to perfection


Give your fiction a final professional polish.

Congratulations! You’re the author of a piece of fiction—a goal that some people only dream of. Now it’s time to ensure your manuscript is ready for publication with thorough, professional proofreading.

No one can spot errors and make appropriate corrections like a skilled proofreader—not your family, not your friends, and certainly not you, the writer. Authors are notoriously too connected to their own work to see the problems clearly. Authors need fresh, objective eyes that aren’t their own, eyes that are trained to catch the mistakes that others miss.


Fiction writing and proofreading have been my passion for over fifteen years. I know how to blend the nuances of fiction with the requirements of proofreading, while preserving your unique voice and story. Allow me to use my experience to perfect your fiction today.

I’m skilled at identifying and correcting mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, word usage, subject-verb agreement, and more. I also make use of industry-standard references, including The Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary.

Rest assured, I will polish your fiction to a publishable state that you can be proud of.


I keep prices low by charging a mere $0.008 per word. While this is lower than most fiction proofreaders, this ensures a fair and affordable final cost for all authors.


With my flexible freelance schedule, I’m ready to begin work immediately. While my turnaround time varies according to the length of your fiction, I will work steadily to complete proofreading in a reasonable time frame. For more details, view my time estimate.

No project too big or small

I accept and appreciate all word counts. You receive the same fair price whether your fiction is a flash fiction story or an epic novel. No minimum price means you pay only for the pages proofread. One page? That’ll be $2.00. And thank you for your business!

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